Breaking the Legacy of Silence #34 For Parents, Family, and Friends of LGBTQ/Non-binary/Gender Fluid Individuals: Part 2 How to Effectively Support Your Loved One When They Are Facing Community Social, Political, Economical, and Religious Biases | Column | Kim D. Bailey | FIVE:2:ONE

“It’s in our relationship to God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Adonai, The Holy Spirit, Wisdom, Great Spirit, Mother Creation, or a Higher Power. Some agnostics or atheists may have their own views and names. That’s okay. The point is, it’s the relationship with such a power, others, and ourselves that bears out our legacy. If our relationships aren’t healthy, nothing else can be. So, we must start there. Whether it’s in church, synagogue, temple, a mosque, a sweat lodge, a vision quest, or meditation—we reach others by reaching the essence of our being. That essence is love. Even in the Christian Bible, the Torah, the Quran—all Word comes down to the relationships we have, not self-righteousness.”

Kim D Bailey talks more about parents and the LGBTQ community in the second part of her 5 part series.

Breaking the Legacy Of Silence # 33 For Parents, Family, and Friends of LGBTQ, Non-Binary/Gender Fluid Individuals, Part 1: When Your Child Comes Out to You as Transgender | FIVE:2:ONE

Breaking the Legacy of Silence # 32 Happy Birthday Noah | Kim D. Bailey | Five 2 One Magazine 

“My oldest child, Zach, had also been born as a girl to me. We named her Amanda Margaret Renee Lee. When “Mandi” was 10 she told me she was gay. I was okay, a little shaken up but really okay. Ten years later she told me she was going to start the process to transgender, female to male, and came to me first because, “I know you will be the most understanding and I need your support when I tell everyone else.” ‘

Kim D Bailey celebrates her son’s 21st today on #BTLOS

Breaking the Legacy of Silence #31 | Outside Looking In | Kim D. Bailey

“Many who read my posts or have known me for some considerable time, or have made an effort to know me regardless of how far back our relationship goes, know that I moved back to the Chattanooga area in December 2012 after having been away for about thirty-one years.”

This week Kim D Bailey on #BTLOS looks from the outside, and reflects on going “home” again.

Poetry by Kim D. Bailey | Forgetting

This poem was written in late 2015 after a difficult year spent with my ex, his family, death, and losses of many kinds.

Today, I grieve a marriage ended that started to unravel about the time the subject of this poem was making history. If I’m honest, it started before then. The events which unfolded during my late father-in-law’s illness and subsequent death only reinforced the truth behind the lie.

I read it last night at an open mic night and felt compelled to share it with all of you today. 
Thanks to Kelly Fitzharris Coody for publishing this poem in Sick Lit Magazine in 2016.



The maze of hallways all seem

the same, nurses stations with sad

still faces and bent backs,

watching the clock until a light blinks

until another patient wanders past

the invisible fence of the floor.


My father-in-law does not remember

me, a stranger he met when his mind

was already broken,

Sometimes he smiles when I enter

his room, more often he cries

for his momma.


My back bends with the nurse’s

we hold him up to dress or bathe

while he spits curses and yells

then he jokes with the cute blonde

I am weary

I want to go home.


We had one good day

he told me his same old stories

we sang, The Old Rugged Cross,

I’ll cherish, burdens I lay down

the smile on his face

the light in his eyes.


The last week he was in his room

a house much too large for two

my husband and his mother, his brothers

none knew what to do, grief

was a squatter, invisible I wrung my

hands, I felt so helpless.


After we said goodbye to him

the light was gone from us,

wicked wounding words, stricken by fear

faithless, broken we had become

our legacy, lingering loss of trust

a last word for a last word.


My husband’s eyes and hands

dimpled smile so like his father’s,

watching him sometimes frightens me.

Will he forget who I am?

Will we be strangers one day,

or were we all along?


Kim D. Bailey (Deal)

December 6, 2015

For: Bob and Gene, the two real deals. I wish you hadn’t left us. We needed you so.

Breaking the Legacy of Silence #30 Nevertheless, WE PERSIST | Kim D. Bailey | Five 2 One Literary Journal

“Even more infuriating, Senator Warren’s male colleagues were permitted to read that same letter by Mrs. King later. Yes, they did so as a show of support for Senator Warren, but the fact they—the men—were permitted to read it, and only after Sessions was confirmed, is a blatant reminder we have a lot of work to do as women and men for the cause of equal rights, feminism, and equal respect across the board for women in a man’s world.”

Nevertheless, Kim D Bailey persisted this week on #breakingthelegacyofsilence

52MenPodcast EPISODE 17: KIM D BAILEY. LACHESIS by 52 Men the Podcast on #SoundCloud

Thanks to Louise Wareham Leonard for having me as part of her amazing series, 52 Men The podcast. 
“A pioneer tells the truth about the aftermath of trusting friends and family with your deepest pain. A brilliant revelatory piece about how people can support you — and fail to support you — and how this can lead to a new stronger life. Thanks Kim D Bailey”

Breaking the Legacy of Silence #29 It Was There All Along, and It’s Not Just Traffic| Kim D. Bailey | FIVE:2:ONE

ICYMI: this is my latest column installment, with the first story of how I confronted the man who molested me when I was a girl, and will tie in with a podcast being published today on 52 Men the Podcast by Louise Wareham Leonard.

Breaking the Legacy of Silence #29 It Was There All Along, and It’s Not Just Traffic | Kim D. Bailey – FIVE:2:ONE

Kim D Bailey is back for another installment of #breakingthelegacy

“The immense power in that moment overshadowed the day I confronted him about sexually abusing me, that day I walked up to his door in October 2014 while my husband stood in the background. I walked away feeling a sense of peace I’ve never felt in my life to that moment.”