Of Writing and Anxiety

Of Opinions

Source: http://33.media.tumblr.com/e49812af51ea666f1a350f35e9149842/tumblr_mq9ofpeZxo1rl5twmo1_500.jpg Source: http://33.media.tumblr.com/e49812af51ea666f1a350f35e9149842/tumblr_mq9ofpeZxo1rl5twmo1_500.jpg

There is much conflicting research on the relationship between writing and anxiety. Gone are the days when writers were known to be self-absorbed, difficult, unsociable and unhealthy people who’d rather swear at a photographer than pose, in an appropriate writerly stance, for a black and white picture. Writers today, like everybody else, have to consciously build their brands based on a sunny disposition, where even the deepest and most painful of thoughts have to be accompanied by a selfie in some place green during daybreak. I may be emphasizing and generalizing the way writers look way too much, but the visual side to writing is the subject of a recent study, that explored the role of the imagination in the brain of fiction writers. I’m going to try and see if anxiety can be used to help explain this research at all.

According to this study, seasoned writers…

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