Thanksgivings: Family Traditions, for Better or Worse

Kim D Bailey

J&K Weddin' 157

Another Thanksgiving is approaching. This Thursday, my husband will get home from work around six o’clock in the morning, and I will finish the cooking while he sleeps. We will have Thanksgiving here together, just the two of us, with our dogs Boone and Coach, and cats Mama Kitty and Kilo.

We decided to stay home this year and have a quiet dinner for two reasons.

For one, after working all night, and especially after the crazy schedule John has had to work since the first week of October, he needs more rest than he usually requires. Getting up after four or five hours of sleep to run and have dinner elsewhere seemed an overwhelming idea. Having been diagnosed with Type I diabetes just about two years ago, my husband has to take more time to rest or his blood sugars are hard to balance and maintain. His job does not…

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