Thank You

I’ve received a lot of feedback here and on my Facebook page about my writing, as well as from friends and loved ones in person. For some reason, every time I get a compliment or a heartfelt review, I am stunned. It goes to show we are often our most unforgiving critics.

A friend of mine made a comment on one of my posts on my Facebook page. She is someone I have never met face-to-face but someone I cherish nonetheless. Many people I have met in the virtual world have become some of my greatest supporters of my writing, and she is one of them.

Here is the post and her comment:

Kim Bailey Deal: Sometimes I question humanity. There are terrible and ugly people out there. Aside from a select few folks in my life, (#platchal included) I’m pretty cynical and tend toward distrust and keeping my distance.

However, my faith was somewhat restored today. I’m at my endocrinologist’s office for a new patient visit. It was a long time coming as I waited almost three months since my primary care doctor referred me after she found I tested positive for the antibody for Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disease. The wait could have been as long as six months if I had not been persistent and her office assistant had not worked to get me in earlier.

A complete stranger was kind and compassionate to me on the elevator just a few minutes ago. She said, “I heard you sighing and I’m sorry you are having a hard moment, I hope you feel better.” It shocked me at first. I carry a lot inside and didn’t realize she could see my physical pain. I thanked her and told her it meant a lot. I don’t seek sympathy so it was an unexpected gesture from someone I will probably never see again.

Never underestimate your power to positively affect another person. A simple smile, kind word, a compassionate gesture is all it takes sometimes.

In Reply from Debb Lins:  I love your ability to paint a beautiful, honest, heartfelt picture of your experience as if you wrote the piece for me, from my point of view and as if you were experiencing some of the same life experiences. You make the world seem less lonely and less harsh. Thank you, Kim!

And thank you, Debb, and all of my readers, my writer friends and colleagues, and my family and friends who continue to support my writing with your readership and sharing of my work.




  1. Kim I don’t know how I missed this post on Facebook. Isn’t it wonderful when humanity turns around and surprises us, when we have given up hope on them! Thank you for expressing your gratitude and for sharing yourself!

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