Live It Like You Mean It

Photo Credit Steve Mariboli

When you have set yourself aside most of your life to make everyone else happy so they will accept you and deem you “good enough,” don’t be surprised when they turn on you at your moment of awakening. 

When you begin to set boundaries for others while letting go of the limitations imposed by them and, ultimately, limitations you impose on yourself–those who are accustomed to your self-shaming guilt and self-defeating thoughts and behaviors will be the loudest opponents to your transformation. 

Listen carefully. What they say is not a reflection of anything you’ve done wrong. On the contrary, it directly reflects their truest intentions, and that is to stay in the dynamic of being better than you–the “better” family member or friend, the better co-worker or fellow student, the better person because they “always” do the “right” thing and you don’t. 

Photo credit Heart Centered Rebalancing/Facebook

Sound familiar?

You can let that go. They don’t need you to feel falsely superior. When they realize you won’t play their dysfunctional blame game anymore, they will move on to someone else. 

You just keep going in the direction of your values, goals, beliefs and dreams. If they truly care, they will be happy for you. If not…it is their loss. Don’t let destructive people who are unwilling to accept anything but their idea of truth to have control over your destiny any longer. This is your life. 

Live it like you mean it.

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