The Day After Valentine’s

A poem for what it’s worth. Four parts of my heart are scattered to the winds and we will never be whole again. I find solace here in my words, even when I know they remain, more often than not, unheard.


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Valentine’s Day


Wheels spinning white

Lines blur

Much too close

A pack, animals in steel speeding

Along to…where?


River and mountain backdrop

Hang as we fly, the dam

Our wings, purple and gray


Now it’s gone.


We had to pass

The river the dam the cars the trucks the exits the trees the mountains the sky

the next car

…we had to pass.


Weave in and out

Expletives whispered

Sometimes shouted,

“Stupid fuckers don’t know how to drive.”

But it’s so pretty

Out there.


Could we


Ease off the gas

…the destination

…the drive to get there

…the next place?


Could we


Take in this moment

…be right here

…right now

…with each other?


Could we


Slow down

…remember what we forgot

…look at one another, really look

…see each other for who we are?


Lonely, bottled up, fearful

Angry, overflowing with sorrow

Our losses have been too great

We can no longer hold up the sky.


Could we?




We have to get there.

Faster, be the fastest.

Better, be the best.

Never mind the silence

Floating here between us

Sucking all the air from our lungs.


Here in this cramped space where we

Have never been

So far apart,

Here in this projectile made

Of metal, rubber and glass

We fly

Yet we never leave the ground.


Kim Bailey Deal

February 15, 2016


Love and misses and kisses


11987214_660260374111335_4855242286529531844_n (1)
Unrequited Love


  1. Valentine’s Day can be so painful. It’s almost as bad as Christmas, but for some reason X-mas always has the greater power to hurt. Yes, we continue to speed up so the pain we deliver or receive can arrive quickly – be ever present. It’s hard to say such a poem is “nice,” but that’s typically what I say when I like a poem, when one moves or touches me. This was nice. Thank you.

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