March Giveaway! James Stack 2-Book Set: World’s Fair: A Memoir and Pleasures and Seasons of Vermont, A Collection of Poetry

I am so excited to offer two books written by one of my favorite authors, James Stack!

I met James through the The 2015 October Platform Challenge with Robert Lee Brewer, Senior Content Editor, Writer’s Digest Community, as part of the  There Are No Rules Blog.

We are members of a group of writers who met and came together during that challenge, #platchal.

He graciously agreed to an expert author interview with me last December. In case you missed it, you can read it here: December 16, 2015 Interview with Author James Stack

Today and through March 31, 2016, I’m offering both of James’ self-published books to one lucky winner!

World’s Fair, A Memoir and Pleasures & Seasons of Vermont, a collection of poetry…for FREE if you enter this Giveaway by 11:59 pm March 31st EDT (New York).

(c) Photo by Kim Bailey Deal; March 2016

James has a unique voice, at once humorous and insightful, and he is a master of weaving the threads of his lessons and observations of life into a tapestry of honest prose and stunningly beautiful poetry.

In the last several months, James and I have become good friends. He often likes to remind me of two important truths: “Love Yourself” and “Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal.”

James incorporates these truths into his writing. As a man who had to learn these lessons the hard way, James implores his readers to pause and take stock, enjoy the moment, and allow LOVE to be their purpose, of self and others, and of this precious life.

An excerpt from World’s Fair, p. 210

It was only 10 days. Ten days that should have shattered what I’d thought was a wonderful life. I was a doctor’s son in a pleasant sunny, Southern town, going to the Spartanburg Country Club all summer every year pretending we were rich and happy. All the while, we were actually a family living life on the margins…

All the journey to the World’s Fair did was push me deeper into my make-believe world.

An excerpt from Pleasures and Seasons of Vermont, from the Poem, “The Pleasures of Vermont” p. 5

My dog, Trek, and I relish

the countless pleasures that come

with living in Vermont. From awakening to the superlative

spring and summer sunrises and subtle morning hum,

through the joyous songs,

of each glorious autumn day,

to the whistling

winter wind

bringing sleep, secure

in knowing our dazzling

canopy of stars will not fall.


You may enter here!


Photo provided by James Stack: James Stack, Author

James Stack’s memoir, WORLD’S FAIR, and collection of poetry, PLEASURES & SEASONS OF VERMONT, were published in 2013. His poems have appeared or will soon in ENGLYN: Journal of Four Line Poetry, the Maine Review (Grand Prize winner), Pankhearst: America Is Not the World, and Ash & Bones. His short stories have appeared or will soon in the Maine Review and been semifinalists in the New Millennium Writings and Cutthroat.

You may connect with author, James Stack, here: (blog) (facebook)








    • You’re welcome, Traci! And thank you for participating and reading, and commenting here. I love James’ work. I wanted to share his lovely words with someone else. I’m glad you enjoyed the excerpts.


  1. Oooh – super cool! I’ve read a few of his poems and they *rock* … this is exciting! Thank you so much for hosting this awesome giveaway. I’m putting this on my FB page and will post in other places, too. Thanks, Kim!

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  2. Reblogged this on Kim Bailey Deal and commented:

    Here’s a reminder of my March Giveaway, two FREE books by my friend and author James Stack. One is a memoir titled, World’s Fair; the other–in honor of #worldpoetryday–is a poetry collection titled, Pleasures and Seasons of Vermont. Click on the link in my post and follow the instructions to enter and win!


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