Thank You

My latest post, Revisited: I Took It Back, my story about confronting the man who molested me when I was a child, apparently touched many souls out there. 

To all who commented or sent me private messages, I thank you. 

I also encourage you all, whether a survivor or someone who loves one, not to let the legacy of silence continue. 

Rape, sexual assault, molestation, incest, or any act against another being that is not welcome or is a use of power over the victim by the perpetrator, is unacceptable. 

Please carry the torch and let the world know such egregious acts will not be tolerated. There will be no more hush-hush. There will be no more Shaming the Victim. 

Use your voice, set the world on fire. You can make a difference. 


April is Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. 


  1. Hopeless at poetry.(Mr wife’s forte) Very profound quote though.
    I couldn’t agree with your more about this despicable category of crimes.
    Since my wife has told me I’m not allowed to make known my list of punishments, I will restrict myself to saying there should be a world-wide campaign with one simple message ‘Real Men Do Not Rape or Molest’
    All the best to you and yours.

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