Happy National Poetry Month

My husband and I went out to dinner and we perused a couple of bookstores afterward.
I know. The irony is staggering. I worked all day today in a bookstore only to go spend 2-3 more hours in some others! 

Indeed, after the incredible day I had at work and the staggering metrics I somehow churned out in sales, it only goes to show I’m a true bibliophile at heart.

What made this night more incredible is I stumbled upon an open mic night where a group was gathered, reading poetry.

Folks, I have NEVER read a single poem of mine in front of anyone. Ever. I just marched right up there and did it. In fact, I have rarely shared my poetry. This year a poem I wrote was published in Firefly Magazine. That was also a first.

Poetry was my first love. I tend to write organically, so the emotional elements of my poems are often raw and blazing, no matter how long ago they were written.

Though nervous, the reactions I saw in the faces of those strangers was quite affirming. 

This is what it is all about, folks. Passion, purpose, and being brave enough to grab onto your dreams with both hands. 

And don’t you ever let go.

Happy National Poetry Month! 


  1. Wow! I’m a big fan of well-spoken poetry (I have some favorites I was thinking of sharing in a blog sometime here soon), and have always a kernel of desire to to that myself. Not sure I actually could though, haha. But go you!!!! That’s so awesome! Seriously, I’m impressed. How did it feel? Super happy and proud of all you’ve done since I met you. Write on,Kim!

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    • December, it was scary and intoxicating! My husband stood in the back and was in awe. He said later he could tell I was nervous, but he also felt moved–and that was big because he doesn’t always understand poetry. I’m going to try and attend that event the last Friday of each month and get used to reading my work and listening to others read theirs. I feel liberated. I’m finally allowing my creative side the room to breathe and it feels divine. I encourage you to do it. I let fear keep me from myself and my abilities so very long. You’ve got a gift and if you’re willing you can share it with the world and inspire others. Coming out of my shell since last October has been the best thing I could have done for myself. Gift that to yourself as well. 💜

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  2. I felt this same way in January! I read to my students all the time, but to be standing with a microphone in front of you with a group of word lovers waiting to hear you speak, well, that’s another story. And for the first time, I did it. It’s rewarding, isn’t it? To share your world for a moment and find that you just connected with strangers? Good for you, Kim! Keep at it!

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