Today Is The Day

A note to myself on a sleepless night:

Nothing you have, or wish you could have, or you wish you could get back after you’ve lost it, or regret giving away or selling or losing—is going to fill that hole in your soul. 

Your old house, truck, car, boat, motorcycle, jewelry, clothes, furniture, guns, televisions, computers, phones, job, (or conversely, a new or better version of these) will fill you up. No amount of money will bring you peace or love. Material things are not what you’re missing. 

You can’t buy it, drink it, snort it, shoot it up, smoke it, take it in a pill, or eat it. You can’t find it in another person. You can’t wish for your youth back to have it, and you can’t expect that “some day” your ship will come in and all the happiness, fulfillment, peace, hope and love will just be granted to you if you’re lucky and don’t die first. 

You have to actively seek what your soul is crying out for and the first place you must look is–yes, you guessed it–within yourself. 

Only you can determine how successful you are. 

Want to live a long life and be healthy enough to enjoy it? Take care of your body. Eat right. Exercise. Stop smoking or consuming too much food or alcohol. If you have an illness that can be managed—do it!!! Stop acting defeated by it. 

Dance, sing, laugh, have your quiet time, practice self-care, and set boundaries.

Want to live a dream–make a living doing what you love, creating something? 

Stop the negative self-talk and believe you can do it and you deserve it.

Want more quality time with someone you love? Make it happen and stop making excuses. You set the limits. 

If you think you can’t, you won’t. If you think it’s out of your reach, it will be. If you don’t believe you’re worthy, you won’t be. If you lack gratitude for what you have now, you will never be satisfied. There will always be something else you think will make your life better. 

Wake up. You can’t take anything with you when your time on this earth comes to an end, and Time is running out faster with each day. Don’t be so hung up on what you wish you still had or wish you could get that you fail to appreciate what is right before you at this very moment. Slow down or you’re going to miss your life while you senselessly chase your tail. 

Stop letting the negative energy take from your positive energy. Stop listening to others who tell you that you’re not good enough. 

Hold your head up high and put your shoulders back and face this life courageously. 

It’s your one shot. How do you want to spend it? 

The past is gone. Tomorrow may not be yours. 

Today is the day. 

Either take it and run with it or quit bitching and whining. You do have the power to choose. 

Choose wisely.


  1. This is a good post to re-read whenever someone feels down/depressed, sad, indecisive, or generally not feeling their best. Thanks Kim for writing this and giving you us something to meditate upon.

    Liked by 1 person

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