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It’s Never Too Late Until You Don’t Do It! – Kim Bailey Dealhttps://kimbaileydeal.net/2016/05/19/its-never-too-late-until-you-dont-do-it/


  1. Kimberly, Wanted to take the time to let you know what an inspirational experience it was meeting you today. You have a light that shines and it truly brightened my day. My plans today were to purchase a new Bible. King James Version of course. The Lord and His plans have always had meaning in my life and I finally started listening. Again. Reading in general has brought joy in my life. When it is a part of your being, it never goes away. Who else would have a Bible, Being Brave by Cheryl Strayed and Serafina and the Black Cloak on their shopping list? Keep shining!

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    • Cecilia! Oh, thank you so very much! It was my pleasure to help you find what you were looking for. You made my day! I hope you glean some inspiration, courage, and support from my writing. I so agree…nothing happens by accident. It is all part of a divine plan. I hope you will follow me here so you can read some of my posts. My weekly column is with Five2One Magazine online and is published every Saturday and then I share the link here. I’m also on Facebook, Kim Bailey Deal, an author page and regular page. I look forward to seeing you in the store again and hearing what you got from your three books today. 😊


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