From the beginning 

My dear friend Pamela Winn is telling her story about being diagnosed with end-stage renal failure. Such a strong and brave post! Check it out here and follow this amazing woman as she puts her experience and courage into words while she fights for her life.


I am on a journey in life with end stage renal failure from FSGS. I use FSGS because the medical word for it is very long. What it amounts to is that my kidneys have basically become so scared they have minimal function. When I got the diagnosis I got really scared, and started asking my then nephrologist a bunch of questions. Before I get into all of that I want to tell you how my journey began. Things started in October of 2014 when I went in for my regular yearly OBGYN visit. When the results came in from my yearly screaning that I needed a more in depth screaning I was concerned. I had that screaning done, and those results had me wondering if I was on a hidden camera show. It was stage one cervical cancer. My heart sank, and I was crushed. On the drive to…

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