Lazy Dog Day Sunday

We are kicking back and enjoying the peace and quiet of our sweet home on this lazy Sunday.

Our newest addition is our black lab puppy, Crockett. He’s been with us about a week and he’s fitting in nicely. Crockett will be four months old on June 18th.

Coach is the “big” dog now. He will be four years old on October 10th.

He was “Boone Dog Trained” (our black lab we lost January 21, 2015) and Boone was “Toby Dog Trained” (our friend Mack’s old dog, a German Shepherd). Below are pics of Boone and Toby. They are sorely missed.

Our cats, Mama Kitty (gray tabby) and Kilo (black and white) are adjusting pretty well. Neither put up with much from Crockett. But he’s smart and he’s learning quickly about the pecking order. 

Mama is the queen, Coach is the Big Dog, and Kilo is not to be messed with at all. I am his human. He may favor the others with an occasional head bump but that’s about it.

Kilo turns three on July 25th. Mama is the old lady. She is thirteen years old.

Although we miss Boone, we are enjoying this moment with our other fur babies. 

Life is good.

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