Sunday Songs

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Kim D Bailey

I’m going to try a new blog segment, Sunday Songs.

Music is an integral part of my soul and the creative process. It brings me to that center where nothing else can and helps me to open myself up to the glory of letting go as I write.

There are some songs I know get no air play, and some that are standard favorites. I want to share some of my obscure and popular favorites with you.

I’ve been a huge fan of Mary Chapin Carpentersince her first album Hometown Girl (1987).

Mary Chapin Carpenter 2016 Tour Dates, from her website,
Her style is her own. A master lyricist, putting poetry to her acoustic, making amazing art out of this thing we call life.

She writes of life’s deeper questions, greatest heartbreaks, angst and joy, revelations and inspiration, and loneliest times of longing.

Her existential style is…

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