Sunday Songs

I’m going to try a new blog segment, Sunday Songs.

Music is an integral part of my soul and the creative process. It brings me to that center where nothing else can and helps me to open myself up to the glory of letting go as I write.

There are some songs I know get no air play, and some that are standard favorites. I want to share some of my obscure and popular favorites with you.

I’ve been a huge fan of Mary Chapin Carpenter since her first album Hometown Girl (1987).

Mary Chapin Carpenter 2016 Tour Dates, from her website,

Her style is her own. A master lyricist, putting poetry to her acoustic, making amazing art out of this thing we call life.

She writes of life’s deeper questions, greatest heartbreaks, angst and joy, revelations and inspiration, and loneliest times of longing. 

Her existential style is grounded in her later works as she looks back and finds the answers in her journey; not in the arrival, but in the moment here and now, and those moments collected along the way.

This song is a culmination of wisdom, regret, and finding her truest self in the end–the most priceless gift.

It resonates with me as I listen to the lyrics. It is from her latest album released May 6, 2016 titled The Things That We Are Made Of.

Lyrics and YouTube: 

Something Tamed, Something Wild

(2016 Lambent Light Records)

**please note, you may have to go to YouTube separately from this link to hear the song. 

You may order a copy of the new album here if you like: The Things That We Are Made Of by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Lyrics by Mary Chapin Carpenter, (c) Why Walk Music (ASCAP)

I hope you enjoy it as well.


  1. This is a great idea, Kim. I have been thinking of posting a Playlist to boost our energy as well. I will definitely listen to Mary Chapin. Thank you for this post!


  2. Such an inspiring post, Kim 🙂 !! Music is an integral part of my creativity as well. There are just some songs that flow deeply into your soul helping to create who you are, who you want to or strive to be and who you’ve been. I too believe things learned on the journey can be far greater for us than the actual arrival!! Here’s to keeping melodies in our hearts, minds, and creative juices!!! Kudos!

    Liked by 1 person

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