No Price Is Too High 


  1. I do like the series of quotes and statements of affirmation on your blog Kim. There are some good lessons to be learnt.
    Back in 1960s us ‘serious young thinkers’ (ha) would never have dreamed to have used a quote from Nietzsche as the conventional ‘wisdom’ was that he was responsible for the rise of the Nazi Party.
    It took me a few decades of reading later generations’ opinions and quotations to perceive this view was somewhat narrow and blinkered.

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    • Thank you, Roger. True, and many would probably scoff at using quotes by Martin Luther King Jr. and Maya Angelou here where I live in the Deep South of the good old USA, some still do. But it’s a funny thing. When I was growing up my uncle used to tell me, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I later learned that was Nietzsche, and my world opened up further. I never quite fit in. I take wisdom where I find it. I always appreciate your words and I appreciate your support.

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