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Breaking the Legacy of Silence # 3: Breaking the Legacy of Silence Explained by Kim Bailey Deal | Five 2 One Magazine


  1. A brave article.
    I am at one sorry and angry for all of you who suffered. As I see it being a true man is taking on the hardships life throws at you, protecting your family, respecting and loving your wife and children. Anything else is just excuses and being plain selective. (I seem to recall a quite powerful lady in the Old Testament named Ruth…and also it was women who went to Christ’s tomb while all the guys were hiding) .
    All the best wishes to you in the years ahead.

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    • The book of Ruth was always inspiring to me, Roger. Indeed, I learned later that my family’s interpretations were a bit selective. They did what they were taught, and deviating from that meant full-on rebellion sometimes. I suppose this rebelliousness runs in my blood, which can be a good thing when channeled in a positive way. Thank you. 😊

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