I Thought I’d See You Again

My brother-in-law, Gene Deal, passed away a year ago today. I wrote this in April, after my husband and his family and I took a ride up on The Dragon and to Deal’s Gap to spread his ashes, as was his wish.

I’ve got more to say, but this is all I could do right now. So I share this post to let everyone know how how much he is missed.

Kim D Bailey

My new brother, Gene, hugging me after John and I said our vows. April 12, 2014, Ocoee River
Today would have been Gene’s 61st birthday.

I did not see him often in the two years since we had been introduced by his little brother, my husband, John. He lived in Salt Lake City, where he had lived about 40 years after leaving Hixson, Tennessee with his young wife and baby boy, his guitar, and a head full of dreams.

The day I met Gene, at Nightfall in Chattanooga, 2013.
He was a creative. My father-in-law brought a guitar home when Gene was in his tweens and he soon mastered the instrument. He enjoyed intellectual and philosophical conversations. His work was in linguistics, and the man knew how to communicate.

Gene standing up with John at our wedding.
I guess that’s why we bonded so quickly and in so short a…

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