Did you post your review of The Navigators yet? WHY THE HELL NOT???

Go check out my friend and PUBLISHED author, Dan Alatorre’s new book, The Navigators! I am honored he asked me to beta read for him and I highly recommend his work. Do it! Now!

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Well, WHY THE HELL haven’t you posted your review yet???

Click HERE to go to the book on Amazon 

Once you arrive, if you bought the book (thank you) or got it as an Advance Review Copy (also thanks, beta), you can click the review link and leave a few nice words – and you know how much I LOVE 5 stars! That’s always appreciated.

TheNavigatorsFinal Have I told you how pretty your eyes are?  And how smart you are? Yep, I always thought that. You should go write that review now…

If you didn’t buy the book yet, that’s okay; we’re still friends. Probably. Wow, look! That same link lets you buy it. We appreciate that, too. Think about giving it as a gift to a friend. Or ten. They’ll love it.

Oh, and it’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Same link

Didn’t finish the book yet? Hey, I…

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