Breaking the Legacy of Silence, my latest column piece, Why I Write.

I talk about why I write in this week’s column. So, do you write? If so, why? If you want to and you don’t, why not? Let me hear from you.


  1. Great column, Kim.
    Just curious: what was the name of that story with the girl who was locked in the closet and not allowed to see the sunlight? I saw the movie, like, 30 years ago, but I forgot what it was called.
    Also, I have a BA, but for a while, I felt not having an MFA put me at a disadvantage. After reading your column, I no longer feel that way.
    Finally, I was asked by Ink In Thirds recently why I write, and here was my response: “I write because if I didn’t, I’d be playing guitar right now, and your ears wouldn’t like that so much.” Of course, I was trying to be funny, but the truth is I always felt that I had to do something creative, whether it was playing guitar, writing, painting – whatever. I think all humans crave some form of communication, even though who seem to be antisocial. I’ll spare you my theories about this, but I’ll just say there are many ways to communicate. Writing just happens to be my favorite.

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    • I wish I remembered the story title! I like to play guitar, paint, etc., but writing is my favorite, too. And I’m glad you don’t feel like you have to have an MFA. Nothing wrong with having one, but you are a gifted writer. I agree, we all crave some connection somehow, and writing certainly works for me as well. Thank you for sharing!

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