Sunshine Blogger Award! 

Thanks to Elizabeth Eisenhauer for nominating me and for patiently waiting for me to post my responses! She nominated me in June of this year. 

Nominations for the Sunshine Blogger Award are a fun way for one blogger to reach out to another. The way it works is this:

1 – You answer the (usually 11) questions are sent to you, then

2 – You nominate some (usually 11, but not in this case) other bloggers, and finally

3 – Present your nominees with questions (again, usually 11) of your own devising.

Part One, questions from Elizabeth to me:

Do you have a motto, or a quote that you try to live by?

Never Give Up.

How is being an adult different from what you expected?

I didn’t have a chance to be a kid when I was growing up because I usually had to be the “adult” so the only thing that’s different is I have had a say in the direction of my life, where I’ve lived, and goals I’ve met as an adult.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

To be in several places all at once so I could see my kids, mom, sister, two best friends Peggy and Robin, and my kids.

Is there anything you are bad at – really bad at – that you enjoy doing anyway?

Playing guitar and playing basketball.

Plotter, pantser, or something in between?

I’d say in between. I prefer to be a pantser, but I’ve learned it’s easier to edit if you put some outline to a piece of work.

What do you remember most vividly about your childhood?

Being at my grandparent’s house and listening to music while I read all of my Granny’s Encyclopedia Brittanica books and typed on her old Underwood Standard manual typewriter, it was black and had round keys, with the swing arm letter strikes, circa 1920’s.

What is the most unusual thing about your blog?

I don’t pull any punches. It’s raw, real, and sometimes hard to write, much less read. But it’s honest and brave, and badass.

What one thing would you grab (aside from people and pets) if there was a fire?

I’ve been in that situation before, so I would grab my family photos and the things my kids made when they were little, and of course, my computer.

When did you know you were an adult?

When I brought my oldest son home. I realized he depended on me for everything.

Where was your last vacation?

To Minnetonka, MN to see my son get married in August 2015.

Did you notice that these questions are in alphabetical order?

I did!

Now, my questions, cribbed from some who’ve gone before me, some of my own. 

I nominate:

Sopphey Vance
Craig A. Hart

If you’re a Game of Thrones book fan, do you enjoy the show?

Do you have a preference for hard copy books or ebooks? 

Do you have a story you want to write but keep putting it off for some reason? If so, why?

How long have you been blogging? 

What is your greatest fear?

Do you love yourself?

Do you know your purpose?

What is your greatest joy?

Have you been to a writer’s conference? Or do you plan to soon/this year? 

What is one writing (or other) goal you’ve set and met so far?

Name something (or a lot of somethings) on your bucket list. 

Kim Bailey Deal has completed National Novel Writing Month in 2014 and 2015, when she wrote her first novel and started her second, started a WordPress blog and bought her own domain, has been published–More Magazine, creative non-fiction pieces, April 2013; has a featured short story and a poem in Issue 3 of Firefly Magazine, January 2016; is on writers as a guest blogger on Robert Lee Brewer’s blog blog May 2016; and now has a weekly column for Five 2 One Magazine since June 11, 2016 and has been their Social Media Manager almost as long. She also has a creative non-fiction piece being published in Pilcrow & Dagger’s August/September 2016 issue. Pilcrow & Dagger


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