Say It Loud and Clear

#TBT Say It Loud and Clear

Kim D Bailey

Those who don’t want us to tell our truths on Facebook, in our blogs, in our stories, out loud in the streets, or in our personal lives are afraid of being found out.

They fear authenticity because it sheds a glaring light on their fraudulent lives.

They demand silence and pass it around and down to their family as legacy; because if no one speaks up, then nothing ever changes and they don’t have to do the work necessary to truly understand themselves or another human being. They don’t have to be held accountable.

It’s the sick need to hold on to the status quo, be in control, where one feels safe in his or her shallow, disconnected ignorance and existence.

When a rebel like you or me comes along and sheds the mask, those who criticize can can no longer hide from the world, or from themselves, and it’s…

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