The Fem has a blog!

Check it out.


And we want YOU to submit your work.

What we’re looking for:

  • Rants, thoughts, arguments, critiques, analyses, etc.
  • Responses to published pieces – example, you read a poem about a queer affair between two women married to men, and it made you think about book/story X, which you’re connecting to this personal experience you had
  • Lists/listicles – example, 5 poems you’d really like if you liked poem X, artists you will love if you love empowered black female characters in lit, etc.
  • Fun, humorous, light-hearted pieces (because, yes, feminists have a sense of humor)


  • Pop culture
  • Diversity in lit
  • The lit world
  • Feminist issues + issues of diversity and inclusivity
  • Art
  • Really anything that fits into our philosophy

How to submit blog posts

Submit finished pieces or pitches to thefemlitmag(AT)gmail(DOT)com. Include a third person bio with your email and social media links. Subject line: BLOG POST, name. Note if time…

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