Breaking the Legacy of Silence #13 White Trash Warrior | Kim Bailey Deal


  1. I grew up in a trailer park, and we were not even one of the trailer owners. My clothes were hand made or thrift shop specials. The only new dress I ever got was an apology for my Dad hitting me (mostly because it was an incident they wanted me to not speak of). When I graduated high school, college wasn’t an option. I had to work to pay the bills, I was basically on my own from sixteen. When I had to file for disability, my family reacted badly. After all you’re supposed to spend your life working. I still work, just as a writer. My mother doesn’t acknowledge my writing. I think it’s because I tend toward speaking the truth. I forget who said it, but there is a quote that seems to be the truth. “If they wanted you to speak well of them then they should have treated you better. ” I refuse to hide my truth, and to be honest, I am glad you do not hide yours.

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