My Writing Conference Experience: Guest Post by Kim Bailey Deal

My Guest Blog Post on Author Dan Alatorre’s Blog: My Writing Conference Experience

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

head shot your humble host

I’ll be appearing at some conferences this month if you wanna come see me!

Indie Book Fest in Orlando (Altamonte Springs), Florida on Friday October 7 and 8

Yes, that’s this weekend – if the hurricane doesn’t smash the hotel – and

The Florida Writer’s Association conference in Orlando October 19-23.

At BOTH conferences I’ll be sitting on panels and dispensing valuable advice to writers. So come on out and see me and the other lecturers!


I’ve gone to conferences in the past as an attendee and written my thoughts about them – the are networking opportunities (click HERE for that), or giving you my thoughts on the pros and cons of book fairs, which are often part of a conference (click HERE for that), or how writing is really just a part of what a writer does (click HERE and HERE for that).


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