Breaking the Legacy of Silence #17| Five 2 One Magazine| Take Back the Night: October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month by Kim Bailey Deal

This week my column is a personal story about domestic violence, and in tribute to October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

If you or anyone you know has been abused by someone you trusted, please read and share. Even if you haven’t been touched by domestic violence, this is a powerful account of what someone goes through, and how one can seek help or support this cause.

Thank you.

Take Back the Night


  1. I’m so glad that by Steve’s time, you were able to stand up for yourself and get him out of your life. Yes, abusers try to separate you from everyone you love, and convince you that they are the only one who could ever love you. Tell you that you are crazy. I saw it happen to a loved one, and it turns out I knew only a fraction of what was going on. I could never say or do the right thing to help. I was so thankful when my loved one finally broke the cycle, too.

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    • I’m glad they did, too. It can happen to anyone, no matter who you are. Your background, intelligence, education–nothing can necessarily prevent it. What’s good is that the more we talk about it openly and educate others, share our own stories, and stop shaming the victims, the more we can help one another to see it when it’s happening and not allow further abuse. Thank you, Shari.

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