Breaking the Legacy of Silence #19: Women of the World: Own Your Power and Glory | Kim Bailey Deal | Five 2 One Magazine 

Her voice is strong. She is strong. Her words are weapons and she will not be silenced. Join us at Five 2 One Magazine for another another journey in Kim Bailey Deal’s past. 

“Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen the hashtags #itsnotokay and #WhyWomenDontReport. Women are speaking out, coming forward. Women are sick of taking the blame for the abuse heaped upon them by some bad men. Moreover, women are tired of society blaming them, instead of holding the abusers accountable for their actions.”


  1. Thank you Kim for writing such a brave piece. It’s the same worldwide. The difference is that here in the US women are told, “Oh, these things happen in other societies,” or women are oppressed by certain religion. It’s a way of keeping ourselves numb because we are told to point fingers at others. We are given the message that we are far superior. This brain washing is like eating opium to numb the pain. Now DT’s son is saying his father’s talk is “Fact of Life.”

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