Short Story Excerpt by Kim Bailey Deal for #NationalAuthorsDay

For #NationalAuthorsDay

An excerpt of my short story, “Saving Junie,” published by The Magnitizdat Literary Fall 2016 Issue

Little does my brother know, in the short time since I left my fucked up life here, I’ve learned a few things. He looks at me expectantly and I smile, just before I flip him around and shove his arm behind his back. I land on his back while slamming all 200 pounds of him face-first on the floor.

“Dammit, Andi, let go of me!” His mouth is shoved halfway into the plush carpet of our mother’s million dollar beach home. He tries to turn over, so I apply more pressure. He screams.

Bending low, I whisper into his ear, “I’m going to let go. When I do, I’m getting Junie. She and I will be leaving, and you will not interfere. Do you understand?”

He spits curses and tries to buck me. I twist his arm and shove his fingers so high up his back he can almost touch the top of his head. His wails echo off the walls.

I let up on the pressure a little bit. “I didn’t hear your answer, Markus. Do you understand?”

Slowly he nods. Saliva oozes with a trickle of blood from his mouth to make a puddle beneath his cheek, staining the ivory carpet crimson.

Mom will love that.

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