Family, Friends and Politics & the Man in the Mirror

A Salient Post by my Friend James Stack

Sir Oliver of Skygate Farm's Blog

Hi! It’s me, Ollie. The past two weeks have been lovely here in Vermont. When last you heard from me, it was peak leaf peeping time. We then had a lovely week of Indian summer. (I hope that is still politically correct – would think so since it is a highly desirable time during the autumn.)

images ( photo of Secretary Clinton)

Speaking of politics, I’m reminded of a conversation James and I had this week. He’s quite concerned about the upcoming election. He told me that he assumed his family would vote for the Democratic candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton; and most, if not all, of his friends will as well, or else not vote for the Republican candidate, Donald John Trump. At least that is what he told me. It was on the walk back home when James confided in me that he was worried about how the only sibling…

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