Breaking the Legacy of Silence # 32 Happy Birthday Noah | Kim D. Bailey | Five 2 One Magazine 

“My oldest child, Zach, had also been born as a girl to me. We named her Amanda Margaret Renee Lee. When “Mandi” was 10 she told me she was gay. I was okay, a little shaken up but really okay. Ten years later she told me she was going to start the process to transgender, female to male, and came to me first because, “I know you will be the most understanding and I need your support when I tell everyone else.” ‘

Kim D Bailey celebrates her son’s 21st today on #BTLOS


  1. Kim, I follow a couple of blogs by trans people and have known at least one in “real life”, so I’ve gained some understanding of the difficulties both personal and social of coming to terms with being trans and the transition process. I have rarely heard the parental side of the story, and hardly ever so well and lovingly told as this. Thank you. Your journey with your transformed child is far from finished. And, Happy Birthday to Noah.


  2. It takes a grounded, powerful mother, to stand by the side of her children through their life choices. This is the sign of understanding the free choice we were granted by our creator. And is amazing how this is motivating to those mothers out there, who knows not how to react to similar situations.


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