Breaking the Legacy of Silence: #35 LGBTQ/NB/GF, Marriage and Family Part 3 By Kim D. Bailey | Weekly Column | FIVE:2:ONE

“Sexuality and orientation are not something we can necessarily define clearly or put in a box. Although the most pervasive idea of a “couple” is a man and a woman, most likely married, and who usually have children if they are able. In society, a couple is also part of procreation. It is a moral imperative and social responsibility.”
Kim D Bailey returns with her 3rd out of 5 columns about LGBTQ family.


  1. I was lucky. When I was entrenched in trying to come to terms with my own sexuality… I had a friend… This friend was wise in the offhand way of teens. He smiled when I told him that I was supposed to be into guys. He asked me “why? Why does the gender make any difference to who you should love? The heart doesn’t see gender….” It made more sense to the teenage me than any thing else I was being told. Still situations kept me “closted” for several years.

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