Breaking the Legacy of Silence #47 Masked and Latent Misogyny: Women, Stay Woke Part 3 | Kim D. Bailey | Weekly Column | FIVE:2:ONE

Kim D. Bailey’s third installment on #misogyny and how it perpetuates codes of #patriarchy through the #family. #amwriting #amreading

To those who argue that misogyny is dying or “not as bad as it used to be” I challenge you to take a closer look at yourselves, your families, and your communities. 

We have a president in the White House who called his presidential opponent a “Nasty Woman” on live television during a Presidential Debate, because she opposed his views and quoted facts to support her opposition.

And he still won!

He continues to spew his hatred and misogyny, and his supporters eat it up. This is the same man who says women are nothing but “beautiful pieces of ass” to be displayed upon their looks, not brains or power; who has verbally assaulted more women than you can shake a stick at and apparently sexually assaulted almost as many—because, we all know he has gotten away with so much more than he’s been accused; and has made it clear that women are objects and there for a man’s benefit, which has nothing to do with her own importance as a human being.

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