Breaking the Legacy of Silence #40 Feed the Fire and Never Give Up | Kim D. Baily | weekly column | FIVE:2:ONE

Kim D. Bailey gives us letters of encouragement in her column this week check it!

Breaking the Legacy of Silence #39 When Family Fails Us | Kim D. Bailey | Weekly Column | FIVE:2:ONE

My unconditional love, my time, resources, energy, and protection, and loyalty are now reserved only for those who are willing to offer reciprocity for all the above. There are no more compromises in this area for me.

Breaking the Legacy of Silence #25: The Art of Letting Go | Kim D. Bailey | Five 2 One Magazine 

My former father-in-law used to have a saying. “Love and hate are two sides of the same coin.” 

The ending is missing on the Five 2 One Site. Here it is:

I’ve wasted a lot of time in my life trying to make sense of things that are insane and nonsensical. My challenge in the next several months will be to let go of my expectations of others and focus on my own.

If any lesson can be gleaned from the string of bad relationships in my life, it’s that I never gave myself enough priority, always making sure everyone else was happy and cared for first.

I’m practicing another lesson in letting go of the expectations I’ve placed on myself and learning how to love and respect myself without any outside approval.

It’s always been an inside job, anyway. Letting go is the only way to move forward without the chains of regret and self-loathing.

And so, what is not mine to carry I cast off, untethering myself from anyone’s dreams and reality but my own.

Kim D. Bailey is back with #breakingthelegacyofsilence. This week: “The Art of Letting Go.”

Sunday Songs| The Leaving Song by Mary Chapin Carpenter 

The Leaving Song
 And you see that you’re leaving

And you that you’re gone

And you see there’s no saying goodbye

All the trees in mourning

The light is late from the sun

Casting shadow on shadow down from the sky

And it’s hard not to want to turn around

And it’s hard not to want to back on down

We’re only as strong as our hearts within

Only as strong

And all you know of where the road goes

Is some place far and unknown

You would think

You would have gotten used to it all by now

But each day it just gets harder

Every journey alone

Never knowing if you’ll make it

Back home somehow

And it’s hard not to want to turn around

And it’s hard not to want to back on down

We’re only as brave as we think we are

Only as brave

And it’s hard not to want to turn it down

For some guaranteed, soul crushing


It would have driven you

Straight into the ground

Driven your down

Sunday Songs: One Small Heart by Mary Chapin Carpenter

It’s that time, another Sunday Songs segment!

These days I’m taking a step at a time in certain matters of my life, while making huge leaps and bounds in my career as an author.

The journey is transformative, frightening, and necessary.

Here’s one of my favorite songs from Mary Chapin Carpenter’s Between Here And Gone album, released 2004 by Columbia Records.

One Small Heart Youtube

Lyrics: One Small Heart by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Call the folks, leave a note, lock the
Doors and windows
Pack the truck, here’s to luck
Here’s to how the wind blows

got the cash, got the gas,
Now lose the map and compass
Now read the signs obey the lines
Follow all your hunches
‘Cause now it’s just the open road
One small heart and a great big soul that’s driving

Radio singing low just like a true companion
L.A.’s lights wavy bright, they follow like a lantern
Then morning comes and desert sun
Rises like redemption
Another day to make your way from answer
Back to question
Out here on the open road
One small heart and a great big soul that’s driving

No set of directions, no shortcuts
Just some empty soda cans,
Some cigarette butts
The key to traveling light is to
Not need very much

Late tonight you’ll see the lights of a
Thousand stars above you
And at a roadside stop you’ll
Call to talk to a voice
Back home that swears they love you
But at the sound of the tone you’ll
Hang up the phone
And peel out of that joint
You might try again God knows when;
At least they got the point
They lost you to the open road, one small heart
And a great big soul
That’s driving, driving

Out here on the open road
One small heart and a great big soul that’s driving

Sunday Songs | The Last Word | Mary Chapin Carpenter 

Being a word person, and a persistent and mostly logical being, I often want to impart my final words regardless of the outcome. 

Sometimes, however, our words fall on deaf ears. It doesn’t matter how much sense we make. It doesn’t matter how well we say them or write them. 

Some people are constitutionally unable or unwilling to listen to another’s point of view or pain with respect and, if needed, exact change in their own behaviors to support, defend, and heal. 

Despite their claims of love and loyalty, they never get it. They choose their own limited, closed world. They choose to hurt one to protect another less deserving. Or, they are not as invested as they insist they are, so their actions do not match their words. 

This song has always resonated with me because I’ve encountered a lot of people along the way who proclaimed undying love and loyalty for me, only to reach a limited place when they did not approve of me completely. 

When I spoke my truth. When I told my stories. When I separated myself from the herd and made it clear I am my own thinking, feeling, sentient being capable of having different beliefs and views without expecting them to agree with me. 

Unfortunately, their love remains conditional. They expect silence if I am in disagreement with their ideologies or systems of relationship. They expect me to forego my memories for theirs. They expect me to toe the conventional line. They expect me to lie for them, even if that lie is an absence of my own experience or proclamation of my own feelings and memory.

Well, that ain’t happening. 

So, onward and upward. 


The Last Word by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Breaking the Legacy of Silence #19: Women of the World: Own Your Power and Glory | Kim Bailey Deal | Five 2 One Magazine 

Her voice is strong. She is strong. Her words are weapons and she will not be silenced. Join us at Five 2 One Magazine for another another journey in Kim Bailey Deal’s past. 

“Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen the hashtags #itsnotokay and #WhyWomenDontReport. Women are speaking out, coming forward. Women are sick of taking the blame for the abuse heaped upon them by some bad men. Moreover, women are tired of society blaming them, instead of holding the abusers accountable for their actions.”