Shari Heinrich

Writers help shape the world because their words, their messages, impact how we look, think, and feel. Kim Bailey Deal is a blogger who will challenge you to look at the truths too often pushed under a rug like so much dust. Those truths never see the light of day except for that brief moment before it’s time to wash the floor, and that dust gets swept up and thrown in the trash.

Kim is old school and new school at the same time. Especially in her column, Breaking the Legacy of Silence. She’s picking up that rug, walking it outside, and beating the tar out of it so the dust can fly away, finally freed into the world.

Parents might be scared of their daughter being raped or molested, might tell them it’s OK to talk about it if someone does something bad to them, but the message in media is so much louder.

In the newspapers and nightly news, the victim lives through a second round of hurt as every life choice gets held up for scrutiny. Surely the man isn’t to blame. She must have worn “inappropriate” clothing; she drank too much; she asked for it because she dated a lot.

The message a daughter might be learning is that she’s of lesser value. She wonders if she did do something that caused someone to rape her.

Kim sets those stories free, one by one, giving voice to the voiceless, strength to the weak, and courage to the fearful.

When she has been personally affected, whether it’s as traumatic as molestation or spousal abuse, or as simple as her opinion being discounted because she’s a woman, she tells that story.

She makes us think.


Shari Heinrich is an author and avid bicyclist, gardener, nature-lover, and reader. You can check her out on her blog Here.